What else happens at DLRC?

We pride ourselves on being a Learning Space and learning is not limited to our students alone. If you have a passion to learn or teach a skill, DLRC is the place for you.

Woodworking at DLRC

    A dad of two creates a stand for his iPhone in one corner, a 10-year-old creates a dice for her next play and a couple of valiant warrior work on their swords in another corner. You will find all this and many more innovative ideas turning into reality, at the DLRC workshop every Saturday morning. Come join us sometime and learn to shape wood to your will under the able guidance of our carpentry enthusiast parent facilitator and in-house expert carpenter.

Chess at DLRC

    Every Saturday and Sunday afternoons, DLRC campus is abuzz with strategies and counter strategies of 8 to 12-year olds. They learn their moves from internationally rated player and DLRC facilitator, Ajinkya sir. But all is not serious logic in these sessions and you can often catch them laughing and having fun with their Chief Strategist.    

… and much, much more!

    We are always on lookout for new skills to learn and teach. Our space is open to anyone who has a passion to share their learning with others. You will find varied workshops happening on our campus from multi-session workshops on Rural Development, Mathematical Thinking and Tinkering Lab to short workshops on Sholapith, Bioenzyme Cleaners and Idol Making.


    Reach out to us at anupam@dlrc.in for more information about the workshops or to discuss your own workshop ideas.